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Me, Avignon

My photography journey started with a desire to capture the magical moments produced by the interplay of light with other elements of nature and designs created by man. Photography provides the means of exploring, expressing and representing this.

We are living in a visually chaotic world where myriad colours can be distracting. The more I make images, the more I am drawn into the world of black and white which is unfamiliar, abstract or at times surreal.

When I am out and about searching for images, I strive to translate successfully what I see in my mind's eye into two dimensional photographs, whilst maintaining the essence of the original scene. At the same time, I aim to achieve simplicity in all my images by arranging their elements effectively within the viewfinder. However, what my mind's eye sees is frequently elusive, short lived or illusory.

Whether I use a digital or film camera is irrelevant as they are merely tools that photographers use to create images. As a practicing photographer, I am constantly generating images in my mind's eye, whether or not I am carrying a camera. The possibilities are limitless; constrained only by the imagination of the photographer.

Iksung Nah A Korean born in Seoul who has lived in the UK longer than in Korea – now based in Epsom, Surrey, South East England as well as in Tetbury, the Cotswolds.

‘Complex things are easy to do. Simplicity's the real challenge.'

John "Nighthawk" Cummings


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