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All the images in this gallery were captured on films. The camera equipments which I used are a Bronica SQ-A, an Agfa Isolette 1 and a Zero Image 2000 pinhole camera.  They are all 6x6 medium formats.

The Agfa Isolette 1 is approx 50-60 years old, therefore, the lens has shortcomings in comparison to today's high resolution lenses.  However, this adds a certain rough, nostalgic and even painterly effect to images.  It has a coated f/4.5 Agnar lens, which is 80mm (50mm equiv).

The Zero Image 2000, a pinhole camera (20+ years old) is challenging to use as there is no viewfinder, therefore, composition is all guess work.  It has a pinprick size hole (f/138) with no lens and a manual shutter.  The result is a soft image (due to diffraction) - rather dreamy but with plenty of depth of field.  The focal length of this camera is approx 25mm(10mm equiv).

The list of cameras used for this gallery will definitely grow, not because I love shopping cameras, but how long further will a 20 or 60 year old camera last?

Bronia SQA

Untitled photo

Zero Image 2000

Untitled photo

Agfa Isolette 1

Untitled photo
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